white and brown kitchen

white and brown kitchen

sawaddee kawelcome to hot thai kitchen so a while back i made a series all about thedifferent colors of thai rice today i want to dig a little deeper into thewhole grain colorful rice so the red, the brown, and the black rice and talk aboutdifferent ways you can cook them. so not just cooking it up plain as a sidedish, cuz we all know how to do that, but how can you actually incorporate it intoa recipe, okay. and nowadays these colorful rices are so popular inthailand people are coming up with all sorts of different ways to use it so i'mgonna share some with you let's get started! so i'm going to quickly go overwhat rices we're talking about and also

how to cook them briefly. for moreinformation on any of this rice check out my previous series and i will linkto that in the description below. so today i'm talking about thai brown ricethai red rice and also riceberry which is a thai black rice that is my personalfavorite. so to cook these the process is not different from cooking white riceyou give it a quick rinse and you can cook it in your rice cooker or just usea pot on the stove. and as for how much water you need for all of these types ofrice you want to use one part rice to one and a half to two parts water. andi'm giving you a range for water because it depends on a few different factors,first how much steam you lose when you

cook it and that's gonna depend on howhigh your heat is and how tight-fitting your lid is right and then secondly whatare you using that rice for, are you using it for a salad for soup for friedrice and all of that we'll talk about in a little bit. and also your particularrice will also affect how much water you actually need so it's something that youwill try it out at home, start with less you can always add more water but if youadd too much then there's no going back and now that we've got rice perfectlycooked what are we gonna do with it rice salad, yes if you've never done arice salad you are missing out it's a thing we do in thailand actually one ofmy favorite recipes is kao yum which is

a southern style thai rice salad, i havea recipe for it i will link to it in the description below, and riceberry isactually my favorite rice to use in salads because not only does it addtexture, a unique aroma, it also adds a beautiful color that makes your saladsso much more interesting. you can try tossing it into a "laab" which is usuallymade up of all meat, do half meat half rice, and it doesn't even have to be athai salad! the italians also do rice salads or maybe you can try doingsomething like a tabbouleh would be really good. my only advice for making arice salad is make sure the rice is not refrigerated it can be room temperatureit can be warm but you do not want to

put the rice in the fridge because oncerice gets super cold it becomes hard and brittle and it's not a good texture sothink warm or room temp salad the other ingredients can be cold just the riceitself shouldn't be and if it's been previously refrigerated just nuke it inthe microwave to get it heated and soft again and then you're good to go.so i've got several brands of riceberry to show you today these are the onesthat are available in canada just so you have an idea what to look for whenyou're out shopping there's also organic versions as wellgrown without pesticides so lots of different options for you try lookingfor these in asian grocery stores and

more specifically thai grocery storesmight have them. fried rice yes you can use any of thesecolored rices to make fried rice, not only that it's actually a little easierto do because being whole grain these colored rices have almost like ajacket of fiber all around them, that's the healthy stuff, and that prevents therice from clumping so your grains will separate beautifully you never have toworry about getting all the clumps out. now you can make fried ricewith brown, red or riceberry but my personal favorite is actually the brownbecause the flavor is milder so it'll still show off whatever sauces or spicesyou add to it and also the color is

lighter so if you're using curry powderlike in a pineapple fried rice it's still gonna be beautiful yellow, if you'remaking green curry fried rice you can still see the green if you use riceberry it will taste fine it's just gonna be like the same color no matter whatyou do to it. and here's a tip for cooking whole grain rice for fried riceyou know how when you use white rice for fried rice we're all worried aboutmaking sure the rice is not too wet otherwise it's gonna get mushy well youkind of have to worry about the opposite problem here it's making sure you don'tunder cook the rice you really want to cook it until the little fiber jacketsaround the rice open expose the inside

starchy bit cuz that's the part that'sgoing to absorb all of your sauces. so i've got a few packages to show here ofbrown rice, now there's the organic brown rice and also the jasmine brown rice soall of these will cook up the same way and will work just fine another thing you can use these coloredraces for is soup here people love making like chicken and wild rice soupor beef and barley soup, putting lentils or grains into soups. well you can do thesame with thai whole grain colored rices and this is what i love using the redrice for because it is less starchy and firmer so it holds its shape really wellit's not going to like gum up your soup

or disintegrate into the soup andit's also really pretty! just stir some cooked red rice into your soup at theend let it simmer for just a couple of minutes to heat up and absorb the flavorand you are good to go you can also make congee for all of my congee lovers andred rice makes the most beautiful congee the only thing is red rice is notstarchy enough to make that creamy congee texture so you have to mix insome white rice. i typically do half and half but you can get away with just aquarter part white rice, just something to bind it all together here are a fewdifferent packages of red rice to share with you now the thing with red rice is youmight see it go by a few different names

so we've got "red rice" here and then "redcargo rice" here, you might see "red vita rice" they're all just different namesthat people decide to call them in english and even though there are slightvariations between red rices, they all cook up the same way and taste verysimilar so i wouldn't worry about that and sushi yes you can make riceberrysushi! i was actually really surprised i didn't think it would be sticky enoughbut rice berry of all the colors is actually the starchiest and it's juststicky enough to make sushi and trust me i am not good at rolling sushi and ifi can manage, you can manage too. my only advice for making riceberry for sushiis you want to make sure you cook it

enough, so i always used the two-partwater to one part rice ratio because if the grains don't burst open enoughthere's not gonna be enough starch that comes out that's going to create thestickiness between the rice, and you just follow your regular sushi rice recipemake it the exact same way. et voila! you got riceberry sushi. finally deserts, yes in asia rice is anintegral part of our desserts and nowadays in thailand people are makingall sorts of desserts with riceberry because it's got that stickiness andstarchiness and a beautiful color that works well in desserts. i've seen ricevery popsicle, riceberry kanom krok

which are those little coconut cakes, butthe easiest way to use it in dessert is to make rice pudding. you can make ricepudding asian style i have a recipe for that but because it's whole-grain you'regonna want to add some cornstarch slurry to help bind it together. top it with alittle coconut milk, garnish it with some fruit, delicious! you can even do awestern-style rice pudding. add some cream, some vanilla, it's going to end upbeautiful looking like chocolate rice pudding and it's so delicious. and thatis it i hope i gave you lots of ideas to get you exploring different colors ofrice. if you are doing something with whole grain rice, a recipe or a differentidea that you want to share with us

please do in the comments below. asalways you can get in touch with me on facebook twitter or instagram or throughmy website hotthaikitchen.com and i will see you next time sawaddee ka.

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