white and brown kitchen designs

white and brown kitchen designs

20 lovely kitchens with white countertop white looks neat for a kitchen especiallyfor a countertop! 1. 34th street house i love clean spaces as much as anyone, andespecially for people who hates dirt and loves seeing their kitchens clean and bright, ithink choosing a white countertop could really go a long way. check out the counters here and the cabinetstoo - who says only clothes should be matchy? 2.

beverly residence the l-shaped counter in this photo is somethingreally nice to look at - even with the kitchen island being in grey marble or granite - thiskitchen is blessed with the most beautiful things in terms of home design and it looksreally incredible! 3. bouldin creek residence the photos that i've picked for this listhas both the counters in white - for the countertop itself and that of the bar or the kitchenisland - depending on what's available on the house itself.

in here, we see that this kitchen has an l-shapedcountertop and a long kitchen bar - both totally awesome, both totally neat! 4. bridges residence see the contrast present in this kitchen photo? it looks quite interesting and i think itlooks quite special. i love wood and kitchen is probably the placein the house that has most of it and it looks great especially when done in the right amountand in the right color! 5.

burnaby capitol hill residence the center of this kitchen is probably theisland/bar; multi-purpose furniture like this one sure is nice and saves people - both thehome owner and the designer with time, money and space. who doesn't want a larger space in the kitchenright? or in any part of the house, that is. 6. costa mesa contemporary farmhouse check out what they did with the kitchen islandwith the exposed wood on the side?

i think that it's definitely cool and helpswith the entire design. contrast on the color and material helpeda lot. 7. dallas penthouse the color of the wood veneer in this kitchenis quite nice. i think this is how light i would want woodor wood veneers in my own house. this kitchen is not that large, but i thinkthat it sure looks quite wonderful and comfortable enough for food preparation and cooking. 8.

frasca 1 the white space that we see in this photois really pretty! do you agree? from the cabinets, to the drawers, to thekitchen bar and that small room (which could be the pantry) looks perfect! adding hints of colors in here like the plants,the back splash and the paintings helped in making this space looks incredible! 9. las canoas remodel

i really made sure that this kitchen wouldbe added on this list because it looks really pretty and interesting. it has a lot of things going on and it issomething people would want to go home to. the color contrast on the wood works and thetile work used and done here is something pretty and exciting! 10. leed gold home studying about leed standards, it is knownthat this home is a certified green home! aside from aesthetics, materials and how thishouse was made sure has a lot going on which

made it really special and worthy of the goldcertification. 11. madeline kitchen this black and white kitchen looks incredibleand fancy! the way that this kitchen is done has madeit look real fancy and sophisticated. classy kitchens like this one makes me wonderhow could you cook and still maintain a stunning kitchen like this one? 12. marin family home

i love the design and color of the back splashused here. the back splash looks awesome against allthe white that's going on in this kitchen! the large industrial pendant light sure isnice and cool, i love it! 13. modern in montvale if you ask me, most of the photos that i havefound under this category were mostly black and white but i tried a little bit betterin locating more kitchen spaces that more browns in them or other colors if ever. example is this kitchen, it is in black andwhite but it has hints of brown in some of

its cabinets. 14. modern kitchen view the color contrast is seen on the cabinetchoices and the chairs as well. using white counters and white ceilings madethe grey stand out and the white look a bit prettier. i am not sure though about the flooring ofthis kitchen. p> 15.

modern refreshed kitchen with large glass windows in the kitchen likethis one, i think cooking would be more inspiring because you get to see how stunning the viewoutside is. checking on the weather could mean you knowingif you would go out or not to go picking on the basil plants you have outside! 16. north cleveland park these large drum pendants look like expensivebowls you put your food in when you're eating - it means that it looks really pretty andideal for the kitchen!

i totally love it! how about you? 17. parkside condo this light grey color against all the whitesthat we get to see in this kitchen space allows us to relax our eyes and absorb all the beautythat this kitchen is actually throwing at us! if want a calm looking kitchen, i think youcan for colors like this and even light greens or blues!

18. riviera whole house remodel good thing that this beautiful white kitchenhas brown flooring and kitchen stools that have brown seats on them because if this spacewas actually all! 19. royal crest residence oh, i totally love the red chairs that wereadded to the kitchen nook! it gives this kitchen a bit color and a lotof love! that's for sure!

i think that it's nice that they have largewindows for them to have a view of the outdoors like for times when their kids are outsideplaying. 20. tiburon modern well, i'm sure glad that this kitchen hasgreat colors in it - very minimal but quite a feat! the color is easy to the eyes and it addsmore fun to this space that has enough texture and love to it. a nice tiburon home from ann lowengart.

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