turquoise and white kitchen

turquoise and white kitchen

hey diy decorators, i'm mark montano. you might know me from while you were out on tlc or my celebrity home on the style network where i decorated homes for everyone from celebrities to unsuspecting family members. to stay in budget on these shows, we often had to use furniture that people already had or head to the thrift store and buy something that we could afford. well today, i am taking one of my old shelves and giving it a makeover with americana decor chalky finish paint in a dark brown. you guys are going to love this project. here's what you'll need.

the first thing you want to do is make sure your furniture is free of dust and dirt. now if you find you have a knot or a stain, just paint it with a stain blocker, let it dry, and you're ready to go. americana decor comes in 29 vintage colors. and for this piece, i'm using a color called rustic so that it matches the other dark brown furniture in my home. there's no sanding, no prep, nothing. all you do is paint your surface. i love how easy this paint is to apply

and that you only need one coat. it makes refinishing furniture a breeze. the shelf is dry now, so i'm just going to take a sanding block and go over the edges of the drawers and shelves to distress it a little bit and give it a little bit of dimension. as you can see, i've distressed all the edges of the shelf and the drawers with a sanding block. and what a nice surprise to see that the shelf had been painted turquoise before i got it. so we have little hints of turquoise popping up all over and i really like the way it looks.

now all i have to do is dust it off with a wet rag and i'm ready to use it. i hope you enjoyed my bookshelf makeover. now for more information, head over to decoart.com/chalkyfinish

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