tall white kitchen pantry cabinet

tall white kitchen pantry cabinet

where you taking that pantry? hehehe! hey guys! we're evan and katelyn and lisa! and today, we're building a roll-out pantry for lisa that's gonna fit in-between her cabinet and her fridge let's go! we went to lisa's new apartment a few weeks ago, and checked out her current pantry... situation cause i don't have a pantry, i have like food in here now

the space by her fridge was perfect for a rolling pantry for this project, we used plywood two 1x4s two 1x8s a kreg jig kreg jig screws non-swivel casters a driver a drill

ebony stain a cabinet pull screws measuring tape a miter saw a table saw a circular saw and a bunch of clamps this pantry is made of two parts

the main body, and the shelves it's the biggest single piece we've built so far but it's really simple totally doable in a day, and only cost about 100 bucks we've linked below to plans for this build, where you can see the measurements and cut list we made the main body first we used plywood for the backing, and ripped the side that was cut at the hardware store down since it was pretty rough then we cut it to length with our circular saw for the top, bottom, and sides, we used 1x8s, and cut them down on our miter saw

we ripped the bottom by 3/4 of an inch for the shelf we're going to add later next, we made the cuts for our shelves each shelf was made with two parts a bottom, and a front we used extra plywood from the backing to make the shelf bottoms and we used 1x4s for the shelf fronts we drilled a bunch of pocket holes on the underside of the shelf bottoms we'll screw through these to the plywood backing, the 1x8 frame, and the 1x4 shelf fronts with all our cuts made, we did the test fit to make sure everything fit together

since it did next step was staining it all we used a minwax stain in ebony to get it as close as we could to lisa's dark cabinet color next, we assembled the main body we clamped on the top piece, and drilled through our pocket holes before attaching the bottom piece, we added castors to it these might look off-center at first, but it's because we're adding a shelf lip to the front of this bottom piece we attached it to the rest of the main body through our pocket holes so here, we have the top, bottom, and side pieces assembled

we didn't get a shot of this, but next we popped in the back plywood piece the shelves will secure it into place, so we're going to add those now we clamped the front and bottom piece of each shelf at a right-angle, and then screwed them together at this point, it actually started looking like a pantry then we screwed through the pocket holes on the underside of each shelf into the plywood backing and the 1x8 sides can you do that again? wooooo!!! lastly, we added the handle we attached the top screw, and traced out where to drill for the bottom screw

then we took it to lisa's apartment, and really really hoped that it fit thanks so much for watching you guys! we actually have plans available for this there specific for lisa's dimensions, but you can easily adapt them for yourself so click the link below if you want the plans, and click subscribe if you want to see more videos thanks! *beep* i don't know if i pointed the right way for the subscribe button, but they'll figure it out

yeah! it's always in the same place! i think subscribe is there ok hahaha! *smooch* katelyn, being the good friend that she is, just laughing, laughing at lisa

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