replacement kitchen cabinet doors white

replacement kitchen cabinet doors white

kitchen cabinet doors replacement with newcabinet doors replacing kitchen cabinet doors with new cabinetdoors is both easier and faster than stripping and re-finishing your old cabinet doors. hi, my names brady and in this video we’llshow you how to measure your cabinet openings to figure the correct door sizes. we’ll also show how to choose your perfectreplacement cabinet doors from hundreds of new cabinet door styles. the best part we’ll save for last and thatis the savings you’ll get when buying your new cabinet doors directly from the manufacturer,instead of a retail store.

let’s get started. we’ll follow the link, at the top of thepage, to our youtube channel where we have tons of how-to videos on everything aboutcabinet doors. next we’ll point out the video on measuringcabinet openings and calculating the correct sizes for single and double cabinet doors. this video explains in detail everything you’llneed to know to avoid problems when ordering replacement cabinet doors. it’s also a good idea to watch our videoon cabinet doors 101. this video starts with measuring, then coversinstalling hinges, hanging the new doors,

and aligning the doors using the built-inhinge adjustment. our video titled “the difference betweenmitered and cope & stick doors”, shows the assembly methods of these cabinet door stylesand explains the available door styles in more detail. finally, “cheap cabinet doors | how to getthe best price online”, demonstrates the process of pricing various door styles andsizes. now, you will be able to navigate around ourwebsite and explore the hundreds of cabinet door styles we make. we mentioned the best part we’re savingfor last.

here it is. we just reduced the price of our most popularcabinet doors. this price reduction is not some tiny reduction,it’s huge. the door styles reduced are the shaker, thepatriot, and the revere. here is an example of the magnitude of thisprice reduction. the big-box stores sell unfinished shakercabinet doors for between $22 and $30 per square foot. we are selling this same shaker door for $8.99per square foot! and there will be no question about qualitywhen you buy directly from the manufacturer,

because the doors you buy from our websiteare the same doors we supply to the national hardware chains. that’s right. the national retail store may be selling shakerdoors made in our arizona factory. the only difference will be the retail priceof $22, or the wholesale price of $8.99. now that you have found the actual factoryyou have the choice of continuing to buy retail or, you can buy directly from the manufacturerand save over 60%!

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