red and white spotty kitchen accessories

red and white spotty kitchen accessories

poop what's up youtube so recently i a had cupping session done session sessionsession done you know where people put cups on you, and then just pulls the muscle upwards to relieve your muscles and it just makes you feel good i know you're seeing it before you've seen it on michael phelps and i have a whole bunch of those right here ah see don't get me wrong it looks weird, but my back feels amazed

here's my experience on how i got my cupping session done. so here we go everybody, so i'm here at acupuncturist with tomorrow and we are going to be doing a cupping session i've never had any copying of some sort in my body, so i'm super excited and super nervous at the same time to do this any advice relax it's gonna be fine. i love it. all right trust me. i do sure okay all right got it so what does cupping do so cupping is a really ancient? method of healing all around the world is in the middle east institute in africa is using asia usually used with fire but now these days we actually use suction because it's a little bit safer, and i can control how strong it is and what the what that's going to do is kind of pull up

on the mush this muscle in the tissues and it's going to kind of pull out all the gesta and it's going to start to bring in circular circulation you like the areas that you your body kind of starts to forget about because it's there all the time yeah so the cupping is like a safe way to get your body to like remember that needs to work on that area and it brings all that blood flow and healing to that area gosh i'm going to be so relaxed now do this like alright. i'm good alright, so i'm going to find the oil whoa so this is what a massage except backwards

just do it. yes exactly experts massage, so we're going to have we're going to pull up instead of pressing in and coming does leave some mark because it's bringing all that less low up we like to say it does look a little bit like you lost a fight with an octopus cool because of barodia pizza you can tell it like that bernie pisa. how about you whoa doggies? yeah? well cool. cool cool. okay. i meant can i do one more yeah, well more pop. how's that? good, okay whoa, whoa

so yes very very popular with athlete. tell me if anything's you strong, and we'll just pull it back a little bit wow, like so you wanna your cooking so she will be give me up. i think it feels awesome. just food, but basically oh the look of reptile nothing like that. yeah if anyone gets too strong go ahead, let me know not it will go great no it's like so much like pulling my skill you can see the skin is a little bit starting to turn red underneath a little bit purple up on the upper ones and that's just pulling the blood up to the surface and told me to bring all kind of new fresh blood and circulation to the area also good, oh

yeah, if you live in in our sandwich they're big cities or anywhere where you've gotten stresses is really this role really does help a lot it helps with pain it also helps been traditionally use when people have fevers or cold especially in southeast asian cultures on with vietnam it's very often used to help bring the fever up to the surface of the skin and release fevers it cools the blood when it comes up higher one way to help reduce fevers. well, i actually did a workshop for a forensic science group a lot of times kids will get sick or something happens and they end up in the emergency room and especially from south asian families they may have done something like this or something called washout which is when you create the skin it gets mistaken for child of you the marks oh

so i went to speak to the scientists and the police department and nurses about cupping and watch on traditional chinese medicine and traditional asian medicine and how how the therapeutic value works and what it actually looks like we make it tell the difference between therapy and child abuse. oh, it looks pretty good sometimes i get people in here and it's so dark that it's like black what you know like mixed with a kansas skin turned completely black what? happens in for people with injury of people that are holding a lot of stress older folks yeah

almost glow a little yeah, we call it stagnation. we're stuck get strapped so you literally have just no circulation, and it's getting sort of trapped in that area and so we're pulling it back up, and so that's why you'll get so much discoloration there we noticed that people hold a lot attention sometimes in this area. they don't even realize it. yeah along the outside of the scapula so cool. let me think it none of us sit where i pressure this isn't hurt right, so okay so you don't have any spinal disc herniation is anything like that? sucking am akira think to go over your spine

this edge of this one seems a little darker, so i'm going to put one in the middle of that let's see if we can pull something off there ohas i'm looking in areas where it's really just coloring and that's going to show me where to put more cups so i know you wanted to try as trouble a bit more technique and one that you should call lighting cup and when you grab a little oil so sliding coming is where we're going to take the cup and and literally just slide it on the cantaloupe how many bits to strong it can be stronger okay? so i'm simply going to grab it and we're going to pull it

whoa, how's it feeling? it feels really good. yeah, wow so like if it's kind of like a massage in reverse. yeah definitely go see like duct tape. yeah, don't take i would like give up an awful. good. domino is a good way, so it's like on lunacy i don't know i'm sad with the melody it's easier to get like a big area and just kind of stimulate the back way just getting things circulating we can always stop it or we can reduce deflection - whoa this one right there. that's so cool. woo. oh which one does of this? i think it's really different for everybody everybody likes different you know depending on what their pain level is or what's going on with their body right there? it's great that means that it's working. it's going stuff up and oh

yeah, i know that's awesome. we want that. it's like the whole good. we know they're not dying. this is your opposite of dying. you're getting better yes, it's harder to do the neck when you're face down. it looks a little better on your mother but you know like what i can do. i'll show you one other techniques that we do oh, whether shaw or these little red marks that help to d granulate the tissue basically a lot of cultures use either a coin or scoop i get tiny sticks booth. i'm using jade today. oh so we just scrape down

the area to help release the muscle and this is one of those things when you see what it looks like afterwards that can look a little scary but it that usually feels really great when it's happening, and this is another ancient ancient technique, but it's still commonly used in a lot of salvation families this is what happens when you drill these bathtub challenges. oh jumping into things right around my body breaks everything well thank you for fixing me. oh. yeah, anybody says they saw that they saw this on guava juice, i'll give you $20 off your squirrel procession

oh link it in the description below if you want to go here they on the same table. i'm laying it. oh was it whoa? that don't quit. they're cool. don't get again everything closed i'm just really lightly conned trying to integrate everything still okay? good looks gnarly, i can't wait to see what i look like looks gnarly but it feels good and now you're just like michael. phil. yeah exactly, well. yeah, you could win a medal walk out of here and win a medal and mess up your hair yeah, i mean your head for a betting is like awesome and all so it would be a baby

all righty, i think you're good birth cupping session you survived it. i did that was so good wow look, do you see look goes it? i guess it's pretty impressive really yeah, wow look coke whoo all right well anyways i hope you enjoyed today's video that was extremely amazing special thing since tomorrow for giving me my first session it was great absolutely anything

so if you want experience an acupuncture or a cupping session on the same table that i did and mine so you can look at everything will be in the link in the description below check it out this cool wow amazing. stay juicy hey

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