purple black and white kitchen

purple black and white kitchen

[rock music]- ♪ saving earth from space ♪ power falcons! - [roars] [falcon screech] [growls] - yellow falcon,what do your senses tell ya? - destructo isa killing machine. - [growls] - his armor is imperviousto our blasters.

you got any ideas,red falcon? - sure do, yellow falcon. blue falcon, you rememberour battle at dango bluff? i'll take the legs,you take the blasters. - it was beaver creek,and i took the legs. make sure you shore upthat flank, black falcon. - um, are you talking to me? because i'mthe green falcon. - no time for that,black falcon.

purple falcon,arm missiles! - roger that.arming missiles now. [machinery whirring]- uh-- - battle formations.we're going in. - hey.- roger that. - hold up.- copy that. - roger.- my falcon is green. - hey, hey, hey.we can talk about our falcon colors when we getback to base, black falcon.

right now,we got a mission to do. fall into falcon formation. [screaming, explosion] - well, now, here's the issueis that, you're gonna give me an order, i'm not gonnaknow you're talking to me. 'cause...i'm notin a black falcon. - come on, chill it out,black falcon. - yeah, black falcon,relax. - first of all,i don't like the way

you guys are saying "black." second of all,there is no black falcon! i'm green falcon! - black falcon, homie, no one's trying to get upin your grill here. - uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.don't talk to me like that. no, don't say "grill"like that. i'm the green falcon,and i-- - oh, stop beingso black falcon about it.

- what the [bleep]do you mean by that? - black falcon, brother, i understandwhat you're going through. - do you?no, i don't think you do. how would you feel ifi called you red falcon, huh? - whoa! - and purple falcon, how would you feel if i calledyou yellow falcon, huh? - that's racist.- that was racist.

- yeah, that's racist.- ooh, that is racist. - that's racist?oh, see, okay, nope, forget it. black falcon out--green falcon! [whoosh]green falcon! damn it! - hey! why'd that green falconfall out of falcon formation? black falcon,get on that and report back. black falcon?black falcon, come in.

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